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Giovanni Green

Giovanni Green is a 18 year old senior at Edison High School. He grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is actively involved at his school as a three-sport athlete, including football, wrestling and baseball. He is a member of the National Honor Society as well as the Voyager Program and the Junior Achievement Program, helping foster skills that will be greatly useful in the business world after high school.

Giovanni views nutrition as an essential aspect in the lives of all students, as it provides them with the proper energy to be successful and focused during the school day. When informing the students of the Hungry for Wins program, he will stress the importance of nutrition in conjunction with school meals, emphasizing how good nutrition can lead to positive health outcomes, both in day-to-day activities and throughout one's lifetime.

When asked about his plans for secondary education following graduation, Giovanni plans on attending a 4-year university, and would like to utilize the scholarship money by putting it towards his education.

Eh Re Noh Say

Eh Re Noh Say is a 19 year old senior at Washington Tech High School. She was born in Thailand and moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota at a young age. She is involved in many groups within her community, some of them including Student Council, Asian Culture Night, and AVID, a program that prepares students for college and their future careers through elective college readiness classes. She also plays on the women's soccer team for her school and is a coach for the women's U14 league in her community. 


When Eh Re Noh Say was asked about the importance of nutrition in the lives of her fellow classmates, she emphasized the importance of good nutrition coinciding with student's health and wellness. She also pointed out that the nutrients that students consume can help them grow and function correctly. In order to promote these concepts, she wants to create a short video, hang posters around her school, and encourage an interactive activity with the students that involves making the right, nutritious choices when it comes to food.

When asked about her future following high school, Eh Re Noh Say plans on graduating high school and attending college. She would like to use the scholarship money provided to her through the Hungry for Wins program to help pay her college tuition.

Eduardo Gomez

Eduardo Gomez is a 17 year old senior at Washington Tech High School. He grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota and has lived in the same area for 15 years. Eduardo is involved in College Possible at school in order to be fully prepared for college. He is also a part of the Boys and Girls Club as well as Beyond Walls, a squash association that also encourages giving back to the community through volunteering opportunities. 

When asked about the importance of nutrition, Eduardo wanted to highlight the need for students to be able to eat well in order to retain higher energy levels throughout the school day. He also touched on the fact that not all students have access to nutritious meals at home and in their communities, leading him to want to help distinguish the difference between positive and negative eating choices. When informing the students and community about Hungry for Wins, Eduardo would like to use social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as posters and personal communication tactics to help get the word out.

When asked about his future following high school, Eduardo plans on getting a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and then pursuing a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. He hopes to use the scholarship money provided to help fulfill these collegiate aspirations. His passion and understanding of personal health and wellness drives Eduardo to support the Hungry for Wins program.